Hi 👋, I'm Brandon...

I specialize in web app development and security using a wide flavor of technologies.

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Hi 👋, I'm Brandon

I Specialize In

Full-Stack Web App Development, Software Engineering, Cybersecurity & Penetration Testing


I evolve an idea into a series of other ideas to form something creative & original.

Web Development

I write code that combines the art of design with the art of programming.

Software Engineering

I write server-side logic and APIs. Problem solving is my forte.


I understand how important it is to create secure applications and what it takes to architect a secure infrastructure.

My Technical Process

All of my software and web development projects are based off of a practiced formula to get the result I am looking for.


Understand the project or problem

Taking the time needed to fully understand a problem that needs a solution is an essential function in development and security.


Brainstorming & Concept

While often times it might be easy to conceptualize a problem, it's important to consider all possible solutions.


Schema/Alogorithm Planning

From complex databases to complex code, proper manipulation and code handling is something important to me. Let me discover the most elegant way to tackle large datasets in combination with your database.



Where the magic happens... I turn what was once a concept or an idea to life!